PC Components are the building blocks of your gaming haven. This is where your creativity meets our customization and every upgrade takes you one step closer to building your dream PC. From the powerhouse of a CPU to a dream rendering GPU.

Whether you’re piecing together your first build or fine-tuning a high-performance machine, our collection at Sirius Power PC has the top-of-the-line components ensuring that every detail is crafted with precision and care. Get ready to unleash your creativity and allow us to build the PC of your dreams.

CPUs / Processors (65)

Gaming PC Case (8)

Graphics Card (43)

Memory (14)

Motherboards (9)

PC Cooling (7)

PC Drives & Storage (9)

Power Supplies (10)

What To Consider When Picking PC Parts

PC components are the core hardware that works together in perfect harmony to deliver you the results you need. Selecting the right components is important to achieve optimal performance and functionality. While many users tend to simply look at the price tag or go for generic components, it is important to be careful about choosing the right components as this could mean a lot to your system, in the long run.

Superior Performance

High-quality PC components are designed to deliver superior performance compared to their generic alternatives. Whether you are going for a high-power processor, GPU, or storage device. Choosing components that are optimized for your requirements can not only increase your system’s overall performance but also ensure its durability in the long run. If you are a gamer, investing in a dedicated GPU means a better gaming experience but also less strain on other components of your system. This will give you smooth framerates and better graphic quality than integrated GPUs.


Compatibility is another important factor to keep in mind when selecting PC components. If the selected components do not work together or are not compatible with each other then your system won’t function as intended. Otherwise, you run the risk of running into, driver failure and system instability that can arise from mixing and matching components from different manufacturers or generations. By choosing components that work together in harmony, you avoid a lot of stress and headaches that are to come down the line.


When manufacturing PC parts, companies ensure their reliability by stress testing them so that they are not only reliable but also durable. This allows high-quality components to last you longer, without the need to constantly change them whenever they break down. This also saves you the headache of worrying about data loss, downtime, and costly repairs. Additionally, specific components also give you the ability to customize them, unlike generic ones. This lets you add a special touch to your system giving it a personality or any chosen design. This way you can ensure that not only your system excels in performance but also in aesthetic design.

Lastly, it's important to future-proof your system by integrating components that are not only of the latest gen but also the best in it. However, should down the line you require a change-up, you can simply replace the old component and replace it with a new one. Whether that is by adding more RAM, upgrading to a faster CPU, or installing a higher-capacity storage drive.