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Empower your audience with top-tier technology from Sirius Power PC. Our cutting-edge systems redefine performance, delivering unparalleled power and precision for every user. Partner with us and showcase the ultimate in computing excellence.

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Matrix X Gaming PC $2499
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Sirius Power PC Affiliate Program

With social media and gaming booming, lots of gamers dream of turning their love for gaming and social media into cash. The Sirius Power PC affiliate program lets you do just that! Whether you've got a big social media following, run a YouTube channel, stream on Twitch.TV, or have a tech-focused site, the Sirius Power PC program is a perfect match for you to earn some extra bucks.

Become part of the Sirius Power PC community and contribute to our advertising efforts. Utilize your personalized URL, showcase it across your YouTube, social media platforms, or, and earn rewards along the way.

Sirius Power Canis Major Mid Tower Gaming PC Case (WHITE)
Sirius Power Nebula Mouse Pad - XXL

Getting started is a breeze. Simply register as a publisher by clicking here. Within 24 hours, expect a confirmation email, and you can kickstart the Onboarding Checklist, which comprises:

  1. Entering User Information
  2. Completing Network Profile
  3. Adding Websites and Promotional Properties
  4. Submitting Tax Information
  5. Providing Payment Information

Frequently Asked Questions

Once you sign up as a Affiliate, expect a confirmation email within 24 hours. The duration for official affiliation depends on how quickly you complete the onboarding checklist.

The % commission for all Affiliates is determined by SIRIUS POWER PC on a case-by-case basis. We will inform you of your commission structure once your form is processed and approved. Upon agreement, you’ll officially join the Affiliates Program.

No, the Affiliate program rewards participants with commissions for promoting SIRIUS POWER PC. Unless otherwise stated or if Sirius Power Pc is doing a Competition with the reward of a PC.

Payments are entirely processed within the Sirius Power PC platform. Our program follows a Standard Action Lifecycle, wherein all transactions generated within a calendar month can be updated until the 10th of the following month. The transactions will then move to Locked and subsequently Closed status. Payment is released around the 20th and 28th if your total Closed commissions exceed your Minimum Payout Amount.

Absolutely. Sirius Power Pc will furnish you with a special URL Link to track all of your sales effectively.

Yes, your account balance is always accessible in your Affiliate Account

Certainly, We welcome worldwide Affiliates. Feel free to apply regardless of your location. But please note, we only sell PCs to consumers in the United States , meaning regardless of your location, you will only receive commission for sales to the US

When an Affiliate originates a sale of an SIRIUS POWER PC system or an  SIRIUS POWER PC products, the Affiliate shall receive a commission on the net sales price. Net sales price is exclusive (not including) the following

  • Any/all shipping costs including tariffs and duties if it is an international order
  • Any/all taxes (VAT, sales tax), regardless of who pays the tax
  • Merchant Fees (3% if paid by Credit Card, 4% if paid by PayPal) (Merchant fees may be subject to change)
  • Any Promotions and other discounts not actually paid by the customer
  • All packaging costs
  • Any/all warranties

The resulting amount will then be multiplied by the commission percentage awarded by SIRIUS POWER PC for each product to the Affiliate to produce the commission due.

Our program features a Standard Action Lifecycle, meaning all transactions generated within a calendar month can be updated until the 10th of the following month. The transaction will then move to Locked then Closed status. Payment is released around the 20th and 28th if your total Closed commissions exceed your Minimum Payout Amount.

No commissions are counted unless the customer clicks on the Affiliates Unique URL Link provided Sirius Power Pc and  ultimately converts into an actual sale at before 10 days after clicking the Unique Affiliates URL Link.

No Commissions are awarded on any canceled, non-paid, non-shipped, or refunded orders.

At any time, SIRIUS POWER PC has the right to cancel or stop any or all commissions if any fraudulent transactions are occurring.

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