ITX PC cases are perfect for enthusiasts who prioritize space-saving without sacrificing performance, offering sleek and compact enclosures that can house high-end components. Regardless if you’re building a compact gaming rig, a home theater PC, or a portable workstation, we have the perfect case to suit your needs.

This includes small footprints for desktop-friendly builds, innovative layouts for efficient component placement, integrated cooling solutions for optimal airflow, and versatile mounting options for customizing your setup. You no longer need to worry about maximizing space or performance if you are going for a build that has the ITX PC Case.

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Sirius Power Canis Minor Office PC Case (BLACK)

Original price was: $79.99.Current price is: $69.99.
  • Supports MATX and ITX form factor
  • x1 3.5 HDD Drive Bay
  • x2 2.5 HDD Drive Bays
  • SPCC 0.5mm Case Material
  • 145mm CPU Height Clearance
  • 250mm GPU Clearance