We understand the need to monitor your PC’s usage and ensure everything is up to speed. For this reason, we have the perfect range of portable monitors that help you track your rig’s analytics. Whether you want to check your CPU, GPU, or even network speeds, this collection has something for everyone.

A PC enthusiast always wants to stay updated on his PC. At Sirius Power PC, we take this need seriously and have made the perfect compilation of popular portable monitors. Regardless if you’re a gamer who needs to check his FPS or a programmer making sure his data is safe, these portable monitors are the answer for you.

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7″ Computer Temp Monitor (Dynamic Theme Supported), Pc Temperature Display, PC Sensor Panel for PC ARGB Computer Case, IPS Type-C USB Mini Secondary Screen PC CPU RAM HDD Data Monitor (Black)

  • 【Upgraded 7" with Self-developed Software】In response to some customers' needs for a larger computer temp monitor, we have developed this upgraded 5-inch pannel. The PC Temperature Display works great with our English version of the software. You can use this with our software as a "second monitor" to view the computer's Temperature and usage of CPU, GPU, RAM, FPS and HDD Data, etc. More professional and occupy fewer resources.
  • 【Dynamic Video Theme & Cool!!】There are a lot of cool and cute dynamic videos present in it, and the temporary computer monitor supports customizing your dynamic video theme. The attached 16G flash card allows you to DIY more and a lot of dynamic videos.
  • 【Just One USB & Great Viewing Angles】Our Computer Temp Monitor only needs a single USB-C cable so it can be mounted completely internally off a USB header without needing a port on the GPU which is a huge plus to you. No HDMI is required, and no power is required. Just One USB Type-C cable. IPS full view. 7-inch panel screen. Display area: 1.93*2.91". Overall size: 2.17*3.35". Resolution: 800*480. Thickness: 0.39". Shell material: Aluminum Housing
  • 【Simple & Feature-rich】Image&video UI support. Customizable screen layout. Horizontal and vertical screen switching. Visual theme editor: drag the mouse arbitrarily to realize your creativity. Energy saving & environmental protection. One-click operation, Auto-Start, turn off the screen automatically, and Comfortable eye protection Brightness adjustment.
  • 【Continuously Updated Theme & Great Customer Service】We have professional artists and techies who continuously update the images and video theme. We respect and value each customer's product and service satisfaction. We want to offer you premium products for a Long-Lasting Experience. If there is any issue, please kindly contact us for a solution.

What Should You Own a Portable Monitor

Portable monitors are just like ordinary monitors but are wireless and do not require them to remain in a single position. They can be moved from place to place as per your usage, their flexibility makes them an important tool for both professionals, students, and gamers alike. As the name suggests, portable monitors offer portability, therefore they are lightweight, slim, and easy to carry. For people on the go, this is ideal as it allows them to work anywhere with their screen without being grounded by the need for a desktop.


Not only are these monitors portable but also offer a great deal of flexibility. They can easily be connected to a laptop, smartphone, tablet, or even gaming console. This versatility allows you to create a dual-screen setup wherever you are. Whether you are giving a presentation, multi-tasking on a project or simply playing a Co-Op game with a friend.


In terms of productivity, portable monitors enhance the overall productivity and efficiency of your work. They allow you to view multiple windows, documents, or applications simultaneously, reducing the need for constant switching between different tabs. This is especially beneficial for professionals who need to multitask or even students who need to research and take notes. Graphic designers who have to keep multiple tabs open can now work with dual monitor screens without moving or changing their location

Enhanced Experience

But these monitors are not only for work they also enhance entertainment experiences on the go. Whether you're watching movies, streaming videos, or playing games, a portable monitor provides a larger and more immersive viewing experience than a small laptop or smartphone screen. This makes it perfect for long flights, train rides, or hotel stays where access to a TV or larger display may be limited.


Portable monitors, just as their name suggests provide the users with a portable screen making them an indispensable accessory for anyone who values mobility, versatility, and efficiency without the need to hook up a desktop PC. Its differentiating use for the variety of its users makes it perfect for all while offering advantages that suit each of their needs. It offers endless possibilities for enhancing your workflow and enjoyment.