A powerful gaming PC is the dream for many, yet a lot of people don’t purchase one because of their cost, or understanding of PCs. However, at Sirius Power PC, we have the perfect collection of gaming PCs that is sure to ignite that gaming spark in you to get the best for your passion.

The perfect Gaming PC needs a powerful CPU, a compatible GPU, and all components that work together. Fortunately, our range is complete with everything one might need to build their beast. Fulfill your dreams by purchasing the best gaming PC and staying one step ahead of the competition.

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Different Types of Gaming PCs

Gaming PCs are a necessity for anyone who wants to relax and play their favorite video game after school or work. However, we know that many people are fearful of the cost, or not having enough knowledge to start. Fortunately, you have Sirius’s gaming PCs here that are sure to handle everything you throw at them. In addition, we are committed to giving you a lifetime buddy who will be there during all your time of need. However, it’s important to know what you’re exactly looking for and that’s why we are here.

Custom Gaming PCs

Gaming PCs come in a lot of shapes and sizes, with different uses. For instance, you can choose a custom gaming PC. These are fully customizable machines that you can create from scratch. From choosing a motherboard to support all your other components, to selecting the best power supply for your system, you have all the power in your hands. Overall, this type is perfect for gamers who want to stay on a budget but also want to control how their PC looks and runs.

Pre-Built Gaming PCs

Besides this, there are also pre-built gaming PCs that are perfect for gamers who want their first rig. In particular, these systems, as the name suggests, have been pre-built and all you have to do is go buy them and start using them. However, while it has better usability and hassle-free experience, you don’t get nearly enough customizing options. So if you don’t like the hectic experience of building from scratch, pre-built are perfect for you.

Budget and Compact PCs

Apart from these two, there are also budget and compact gaming PCs. These are made for gamers who don’t have a lot of desk space to keep their machine. In addition, these are also preferable for people with a limited budget. We know that PC building can sometimes cost too much. For this reason, our collection of gaming PCs has every type. If you want a cost-effective system, go for one of our budget gaming PCs.

Overall, gaming PCs have a lot of variety and it can get confusing for some to choose the best option. No matter what your need is, Sirius Power PC has everything you will need to get started with this experience. Whether you want to play the latest triple AAA games, or just some good quality indie games, we have gaming PCs that are sure to fulfill all your wishes.